Halieutica is associated to a report on insect use in aquaculture feed

SMIDAP is the technical office for fisheries and aquaculture development in the Region Pays de La Loire (France). They have recently published a report gathering available information regarding insects and insects by-products usage in aquaculture feeds.
This document is divided in four parts:
-    Its starts with a focus on the current European regulation about the use of insects as a raw material in farmed fish feeds.
-    In a second part, the two main insect species used in Europe (the mealworm- Tenebrio molitor- and the black soldier fly -Hermetia illucens) are described
-    Then comes a review of trials made with aqua feeds containing different insects by products available in the scientific and technical literature. This overview details the technical performances achieved in different contexts, the consequences of the use of insect on meat quality and concludes on economic aspects and environmental impacts.
-    The last part of this report is devoted to possible application of these new raw materials in the aquaculture sectors existing in the Pays de La Loire Region.

This work was led by the SMIDAP and financed by the Region. It gathered local insect producers with professors specialized in aquaculture. HALIEUTICA shouldered this group of professional thanks to its knowledge on raw material and aquaculture feed formulation.
The full report can be downloaded through this link (41 pages, only available in French).