HALIEUTICA is involved in a project dedicated to insect valorisation in fish feed

Insects constitute a new source of interesting nutrients for aquatic species nutrition. Numerous producers are looking to position and launch products made of insects and their by-products on this promising market. With the objective of coordinating efforts made by different regional stakeholders, the SMIDAP has recently launched a project called PERIFF (Pre Study on Insects in Fish Feed for its acronym in French).
The objective of this work is to make a review of the scientific literature available on the use insects in aquaculture feeds. An effort is made to collect and analyse results obtained on aquatic species farmed in the Pays de La Loire Region such as carps, ornamental and marine fishes.
Results will be compiled in a report by the end of this year. This work is financially supported by the Region Pays de La Loire.
HALIEUTICA assists the working group on the technical and scientific side of the work with an expert status.